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Tell us about your experience in Chaya!


i love that food so much.

This has been our go-to sushi place for a few years now because they offer great quality for the most reasonable price out of anywhere we've tried in the city. The sushi is always good - I often choose the deluxe sushi and sashimi combo or a few rolls, and my husband always goes with the deluxe chirashi. That said, I also love a giant bowl of their udon on a cold day! If you haven't tried Chaya yet, you should!

It has been four years since we moved from Pittsburgh to St. Louis. And, we miss Chaya -- wonderful sushi and special dishes you prepare in the kitchen. Today (in St. Louis), we had chilled Tofu dish with Myoga from our garden. It was delicious and we thought of Chaya. Chef Yasu talked and taught us about Myoga...

BEST SUSHI IN PITTSBURGH! I've been to (I think?) every sushi place in the area, and this is by far the best. Fresh ingredients, beautiful presentations, 'no frills' atmosphere (focus on the food instead of the decor like some 'trendy' club-like sushi bars). The rainbow roll is my favorite. I also heard that they are the only sushi place in town that makes their own wasabi from scratch (rather than from a paste)?
Anyways, so glad to have Chaya in Pittsburgh!

Great food! Fresh and authentic!

One thing that bothered us was that the waitresses kept asking how we were doing or if we needed more tea/water every single minute, while we were having a conversation. I don't think that happens at other Japanese restaurants in US, or even in Japan.... Maybe they do that out of their service mind, but that's a little too much in US...

Fantastic food, though! :D

I had the deluxe sushi and sashimi combo last weekend - amazing! I'm still thinking about the meal a week later. Bluefin tuna and especially the toro were the tastiest fish I've ever had! Also, the green tea was excellent as well. Will be back soon

I've been coming to your restaurant since I started college at CMU in 2005. Yours is the only restaurant where I feel clean and refreshed after a meal. It is a mental, physical, and spiritual pleasure to eat dishes where so much thought and care has been placed!

Undoubtedly the greatest Japanese food I've ever had. I love everything about the place...The appearance fit perfectly, the food was greater than fantastic, and I could even try to practice my (unfortunately very limited but expanding) Japanese because everyone there was truly Japanese, unlike some other places that I've been to.

Chaya = 一番

My husband and I went there last night and had an amazing and romantic experience. All the food was outstanding - from the giant clam to the seared toro. I just wish you were open on Sunday so we could have it all again today!

Great sushi!
However, we were distracted and worried throughout our meal, due to the constant running back and forth of the service staff... You guys need to slow down and take a deep breath... No need to rush, especially when your clients are trying to relax and enjoy your delicious food!
So try relaxing a little, so everyone can enjoy the whole experience :)

This is the best place to go for good food! We love it and make it a point to come by once a month. Its affordable and a great attomosphere. You have the best sushi in the city - no matter what the papers say!

Hello Yasu-san!!!

Congratulations on your opening at a new location!!!

Your website is impressive. It is artistic and educational. I enjoy learning about various materials and ingredients in you "From the Chef."

Your sushi is the BEST in the United States. Only a few restaurants in the U.S. have ability to secure top quality materials like you do.

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations on the new location! Chaya continues to be our favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Love the new website and congrats on the new location! I agree you guys should be open for lunch. Your food is great and you are my favorite place to get delicious and affordable sushi!!!

Omedatou on getting a new location and website! I've always been impressed with the quality of the dishes and authentic atmosphere of Chaya. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to visit again.

Dear Ya-san

I wish you the best of luck and much success at your new location! I'm sorry I couldn't make it tonight but look forward to seeing you soon. Omedeto gozaimasu!

i went to chaya last week and it was really good! the sushi was great and i had a lot nice experience for japanese food!

You should be open for lunch on select weekdays and Saturdays.

Chaya is my favorite Japanese restaurant in Pittsburgh. I love it and my Japanese friends love it too. Authentic food and great service. You won't regret to add $3 for additional dinner sides. The salad, 3 little pieces of fried chicken and miso soup are awesome!!!

Hello, I just wanted to leave a comment. Anyone who wants to try authentic Japanese cousine should go to Chaya. This place is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the US. I will definiately stop at Chaya again whenever I visit the US. Arigato gozaimasu ^^

Chaya is my favorite place on the planet! Your food is far above all other attempts at Japanese cuisine that I have ever tried. I love everything you do at Chaya and have never had a single thing there that I did not like. Thanks for all the great food!!!

I went there with my japeneses friends for my birthday they were so nice the owner also gaves me a present!

The food was exellent!

arigato gosaimasu!!!

Your new website is delightful! I'm so glad to see the redesign.

We enjoyed a deluxe sushi dinner, salmon don, and a very very fresh negitoro two days ago. I've never had such a good negitoro even in Japan!!

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